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Welcome to your one stop shop for all things related to pet husbandry.

Did you know...

Zoos teach lions to stand for blood draws?

Hippos are taught to open their mouths to have their teeth brushed?

Marine mammals are taught to urinate in a cup?


Our pets can be taught similar behaviours!!


More and more dogs and cats are being taught how to cooperate in their own care.


What does this mean for our pets?

It means little to no restraint is required. It means we can reduce the stress our pets experience, as well as the stress on our professional care providers.


Resources are divided into 3 main categories: Nail Maintenance, General Husbandry, and Grooming.


Each section will provide you with detailed resources to help you and your pets get started.


Choose the category most relevant to you to begin building positive associations to husbandry care today! 


Positive Dog Husbandry Resources
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