Recommended Books

Cooperative Veterinary Care

by Alicea Howell and Monique Feyrecilde

"Cooperative Veterinary Care is an exciting new book for veterinary professionals, trainers, and pet owners interested in creating the best possible veterinary care, husbandry, and handling experiences for pets. The book comes with a companion website featuring over 100 video demonstrations.

Offering evidence-based techniques with a solid scientific foundation, Cooperative Veterinary Care puts the focus on preventing and reversing fear and stress in the veterinary setting through preparation, planning, and most importantly training. This comprehensive resource provides guidelines for patient-centered care from the moment an appointment is scheduled through the time of patient discharge. Spanning topics including sensation and perception, hospital organization and protocols, equipment and tools, learning theory and excellent training techniques, Cooperative Veterinary Care takes the team through procedures step-by-step using practical and proven examples."

Low Stress Handling® Restraint and Behavior Modification of Dogs & Cats

by Sophia Yin, DVM, MS

"The book and DVD feature:

  • 480 pages containing more than 1600 photos that show how to handle dogs and cats correctly.

  • Explanations of what you think you’re doing right, but may actually be doing wrong.

  • Three hours of video clips that show correct and incorrect handling procedure. Companion DVD not for sale separately."

Cooperative Care: Seven Steps to Stress-Free Husbandry

by Deborah A. Jones, Ph.D.

"Seven Steps to Stress-Free Husbandry. Having trouble trimming your dog's nails or bathing him? Is your dog stressed in the vet's office? Wondering how to make the process of grooming and veterinary care more comfortable both for you and your dog? Then this is the book for you! Cooperative Care will cover seven main areas to help prepare your dog for all the necessary physical procedures that will keep him healthy and happy. The methods in this book are based on positive reinforcement and allowing our pets the opportunity to choose to opt in and participate in our conditioning sessions. When we take the time to carefully observe our dog's behavior, read their stress signals, and respect their communication with us, it's just amazing how quickly we can replace suspicion with trust. Our goal is to empower our dogs and help them gain confidence in the husbandry process. Spending time preparing your dog for typical husbandry procedures is one of the best gifts you can give him!

Grooming Without Stress: Safer, Quicker, Happier

by Terri Hayward, M.Ed, KPA-CTP; Jay Andors, KPA-CTP, master groomer; and Annie Francis, Grooom Team USA Member, Master groomer.

"Helping dogs feel safe and relaxed in the grooming salon is a win-win situation for all—the groomers, the dogs they are working with, and the dogs’ family members. Reducing stress and anxiety can go a long way towards helping groomers be able to work with dogs more efficiently, and cooperative animal care is invaluable in helping to achieve this. This efficient collaboration leads to: • increased business • higher return and retention rates • a safer working environment • happier/healthier people and animal clientele This book offers ways to develop a relationship of respect, cooperation and trust by teaching the animal those behaviors that allow for a safer, healthier, more enjoyable grooming relationship!"

Recommended Courses

Yes Please! Cooperative Canine Care

Deborah Jones

"Can you draw blood from a whale without force?  Yes, you can.  What about put eye drops into a sea lion's eyes with no fuss?   Again, yes you can.  But you have to train for it.  Captive animals need physical care and can be trained with positive and effective methods to accept all sorts of handling and procedures."

Cooperative Care Certificate

Deborah Jones

"Vet visits and grooming sessions can be stressful and anxiety provoking for both you and your dog. Being handled and examined by strangers, and undergoing possibly unpleasant procedures, requires preparation and practice. 

The CCC program helps your dog learn to participate in and tolerate (or even enjoy!) the most common vet and grooming procedures. By developing trust, clear communication, and a strong reinforcement history, your dog will become comfortable doing nearly anything you ask!"