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Note: There is some overlap in this file. Some of the info can be found in our How to Trim Resources file.

1) What it Looks Like when you Quick a Dog with a Dremel


2) Shana Deitrick post on getting quicks to recede


3) Sheena Neil- Close up explanation of layers on white nails

Helpful conversations


4) Dremel tutorial (black nails) showing layers

  • Step-by-step photo tutorial showing how far to dremel on a black nail.

Be sure to check the comments for all the photos and also a video.


5) What does the alternate cut line look like

Video tutorial (clipping black nails)

  • Pictures- dremelling black nails


6) Receding Quicks


Witch Hazel/Prep H etc.


How often do I trim?

When dremelling with the intention of having quicks recede, the general baseline is to dremel no less than every 5-7 days. If you have longer intervals between trims, you're likely just taking the dead nail off, but not pushing the quick back as well.

However, you can only dremel as fast as the nail grows. In the event that the nail isn't growing, don't think you have no other choice but to quick your dog just because you've reached day 7. You can't trim if there isn't fresh growth.

That being said, the vast majority of dogs in this group grow at a rate that requires attention every 5-7 days or even more often than that.


How short should I aim for?

This group aims for no ticking given the reasons stated in the video in the Pinned Post. The length to achieve no ticking is HIGHLY dependent on foot conformation. There are dogs in this group that don't tick with quite long nails- nails that people outside this group would likely think are too long.

There are also dogs that need nails that are quite short to achieve no ticking.

I would prefer that this group not get into the length debate. It comes up quite frequently and there's a lot of misinformation passed around which requires moderating effort to correct.

If members choose to let their dogs' nails tick because they don't accept the rationale in the pinned post, that's fine; I'd just rather not have a discussion on it.


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