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*NOTE* The most recommended Dremel models are the 8050 and the 8220. You can use the search feature in the group to find discussions on both these models. The 7300 is discussed a lot as well but has low power and a lower quality battery. We do not recommend it.


Necessary Specs When Choosing a Dremel or Rotary Tool. By Judith Beam


  1. It must be variable speed.

  2. Lowest speed should be 5000 RPMs. Highest should be in the 20 000 - 30 000 range.

  3. You will dremel in the 5000 - 12 000 range, but dremels that aren't capable of higher speeds are often low quality.

  4. Low quality dremels vibrate, are loud, lose power over time, and what you can get done with 12 000 RPM on a good dremel is very different than what gets done at that same RPM on a poor quality dremel.

  5. Stay away from pet dremels. Get a good dremel and dremel on the lowest setting (5000 RPM with 240 grit to practice). You will polish the nail. You will not quick a dog. It's a good setting to practice on with low risk of doing harm. When you set out to do work, use 120 grit sanding bands. The 8220 and the 8050 have good reviews here. I am not at all a fan of the 7300. It's used an awful lot on dogs because it's cheap and the RPM range is within what you would normally be dremelling. Once you spend an extra $20 and use a good dremel, it's a very different experience for the dog: less vibration and more power, so you get nails done faster using the same RPMs. Please consider these factors when buying a dremel.

Review of Dremel 8220

Nail Tools

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Rotary Tools
Nail Clippers


Scissor style clippers are recommended, as the two blades put equal pressure on the nail. Guillotine clippers are NOT recommended, as they tend to squeeze or squish the nail unevenly.

All clippers should be kept sharp.


Millers Forge.

  1. Pet Nail Clippers. The small red handled clippers are the most popular and preferred among members. However, there have been some recent complaints of the blades not lining up after a few uses. Stainless Steel. Made in Taiwan.

  2. Large Dog Clippers. The large orange handled clippers are the second most popular. Common complaints are that they are dull when purchased brand new. Stainless Steel. Made in Italy.

  3. Professional Nail Clippers. The small orange handled clippers are not very popular among members.

Side by side comparison of the large orange and small red clippers

Recent complaints are due to manufacturers defects. Millers Forge has a lifetime guarantee against such defects, and they have been made aware of recent issues and are working to fix them (Feb 28, 2017).

It is suggested that you keep your receipt in the event you receive a defective pair of clippers.

Millers Forge clippers should be sharp and cut through most nails like butter. Like all blades, they will dull over time and can be sharpened.

  • Using a Dremel to sharpen clippers- ​

  • Using a chain saw sharpener to sharpen clippers-


Second most recommended brand. Stainless Steel

Quick Finder Review and Related Discussion

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