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Please go through these links in order (or at least read links 1-6 to gain a good understanding of DS/CC).

1) Eileen Anderson: Are You Really Performing Classical Counter Conditioning?

2) Eileen Anderson: Classical Conditioning: Creating a Positive Response to Barking

3) Yvette Van Veen: Short audio and visual of what DS/CC progression should look like:


4) Yvette Van Veen: 10 Tip to Aid in DS/CC


5) Charlie Hackenbruch: Feeding No Matter What the Response Is


6) A detailed, step-by-step, explanation of Counter Conditioning by Shana. Includes video and group discussion.


7) +CER File

Note: Please read the articles and watch the videos before designing a DS/CC protocol for your dog. Better to do it right the first time rather than take twice as long because you have to go back and fix your mistakes.


8) Basics of Foot Handling Part 1- Sheena Neil (video tutorial)


9) Basics of Foot Handling Part 2- Sheena Neil (video tutorial)


10) Teach your dog to LOVE nail trims- Tabitha Browy (video tutorial)

Group CC/DS File

Please Note: You must be signed into Facebook and a member of the Nail Maintenance for Dogs group to access these links.

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