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Updated: April 5, 2018

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How To Start

1. Read the rules of our group in the group description! 


2. Watch the video in our pinned post. 


3. Check out our files and introduce yourself!…/


If You Have A Dog That Won't Let You Handle Their Feet:

1) Set some time aside to review the Definitions of Counter Conditioning (CC), Desensitization (DS), Thresholds, and Positive Emotional Response (+CER).

-make sure you understand the mechanics.

-ask clarifying questions in the Facebook Group

-find a qualified trainer to help you if needed


2) If your dog's nails are uncomfortably long, consult a veterinarian familiar with behaviour to discuss options of trimming under sedation. Please read the link below for more information.


3) If your dog has an anxiety disorder or is in pain, you're going to have a very tough time making DS/CC work for you at home without meds on board. Again, this is a situation where you want your vet on board.


4) If you don't have equipment at home and want to get equipment, see our Nail Tools file.


5) If you're not comfortable trimming, review the Quicks file.


6) Review the Teaching Dogs to Self Trim on An Abrasive Surface file. This is an effective alternative for dogs that aren't comfortable with any feet handling.


7) Review the Abrasive Surface Options file. The tools mentioned here are a good alternative to dremels and clippers. Many dogs do just fine with feet handling if a different tool is used and these tools, especially the scratch board, and can be an option while carrying out DS/CC.


8) See our Success Stories file when you get discouraged.

As an overview, when dealing with dogs that have long nails, but can't take handling, your first goal is to just get them short, preferably with help from your veterinarian. Then while doing DS/CC to handling and preparing your dog for nail trims with clippers or a dremel, you can teach them how to self trim to maintain short nails.


9) Close up of grinding tools with a rotary tool- Shana Deitrick


10) Close up of nail trimming- Sheena Neil

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