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PDH Online Program

What is covered:

  • Definitions: counter conditioning, desensitization, thresholds, emotional responses

  • Body Language and body language observation skills

  • Thresholds: How to find your dogs thresholds and how to work outside of them

  • Food Choice: The importance of choosing the right food for your dog and how to find what their preferences are

  • Handler Skills and Mechanics: How to improve your own skills and timing for successful counter conditioning


This program is available worldwide and presented in English.

All classes will be in Mountain Daylight Time (GMT-6). All classes are recorded.

Class space is limited.

Program is sold and presented by our parent company, Keystone Dog Training


Positive Dog Training Personal Coaching
PDH New Class.png

Payments billed through Keystone Dog Training.

Online programs require students to submit homework following each session. Homework will be reviewed and feedback will be provided via email and discussed at your next session.

Requirements: reliable high speed internet, access to YouTube to upload homework videos, Zoom or Skype account.

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