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1) Sheena Neil's Flat File Board


Scratch Board Step by Step


YouTube Play list:

Problem Solving: Dog not scratching straight


2) Sheena Neil's File Board (Outside Nails)


3) Sheena Neil's File Block


4) Sheena Neil’s Paint Stick File


5) File Block




6) Half Pipe Self Filing System


7) Conversation About Using Human Nail Files


8) Sallys Beauty Supply 100/180 Rectangle File,default,pd.html


Some Notes About Sandpaper Grit: (By Sheena Neil)

Course Grit= 60 - 80

Fine Grit= 100 - 120


When first starting with a file board (dog files its own nails) or a file block (you file dogs nails) you want a finer grit.

A good starting point is 100 grit.


Each dog will respond to having their nails filed with a block differently. Some dogs can handle more vigorous filing while others may not willingly accept this type of handling. Start with a finer grit and adjust accordingly to what your dog will allow and what seems to work best for the nail. You are aiming for filing down the nails, not polishing (too fine of grit) or ripping the nail up (too coarse of grit).


Each dog will have a different level of enthusiasm on the scratch board. Again, start with a finer grit and adjust accordingly to your dogs enthusiasm and the softness or toughness of their nails.

An enthusiastic dog may require a finer grit to prevent getting too close to the quick and hurting themselves, whereas a dog who is not enthusiastic may require coarser paper in order to make progress.


Keep a close eye on your dog’s nails to make sure too much nail isn't being removed. This means actually stopping and checking nails vs. waiting until the dog slows down from discomfort.

The closer you get to the quick the more sensitive the nails will become. If a dog who understands the game has suddenly stopped scratching or their enthusiasm diminishes, check the nails, they may be getting sensitive.

Enthusiastic self trimmers WILL quick themselves. Keep checking nails even if the dog does not appear to be sore.

Abrasive Surface Options

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