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What is Positive Husbandry?

Husbandry is the care and maintenance that is required to keep our pets (dog, cat, rabbit, bird, and more) happy and healthy. 

This includes proper nail care, dental care, brushing and grooming, cleaning of eyes and ears, and more. 

The safest and most effective ways for us to provide this care to our pets is to teach them to be willing participants in their own care and maintenance.


This is done using positive reinforcement, counter conditioning, and desensitization.


By creating a positive emotional response to various grooming and veterinary procedures, as well as handling and examinations, we can provide our pets with the care they need in a low-stress manner. 

Resources have been compiled into 3 categories: Nails, Husbandry, and Grooming. Select the category most relevant to your dog's individual needs. 

Why Positive Care?

Imagine a world where:

* Your dog ENJOYS going to the groomers

* Your cat can receive their vaccines without injury to you or your veterinary care team

It is our responsibility, as pet owners, to provide our animals with the care necessary to keep them healthy.

It is also our responsibility to provide that care without causing undue fear or stress.

You will find the resources needed to work with your pet, in the comfort of your own home, as well as at your grooming salon or veterinary clinic, to create positive experiences.

When our animals are relaxed and comfortable they become willing participants in their own care. 

Nail trims, ear cleaning, and eye drops. OH MY!

This 4-week online course will get you, and your dog, more comfortable with these procedures and will lay the foundation for helping your pet feel more at ease.

All programs are online via our online library and video conference calls.


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